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Wha's a panna?
- Panna is playing the ball through the legs of your opponent and keep possession of the bal.
- A Panna can be played forwards, backwards or sideways (one of your opponent's legs is in front of the other)
- Keeping possession means you must touch the ball again before it touches your opponent or the goal
- It is permissible to touch your opponents’ legs while playing the ball between them or toch the boarding.
1 The participants conform themselves to the rules such are established by Panna Knock Out ™
2 One is played against one
3 Smallest of the two players touches the ball first from kick off
4 A game lasts 3 minutes
5 After 3 minutes the aim reminder counts
6 Panna - by nut megging your opponent and keeping possession of the ball - ends the game. Check 'What's a Panna?'
7 At equal score, extra time is played of 2 minutes maximum follows. The extra time is played sudden death. The largest of the two players touches the ball first
8 If there is no winner in extra time then the game is decided by a toss of a coin
9 The player who is in ball possession must shoot on the aim or take an action to create a panna within 10 seconds.
10 Panna Knock Out™ aims for offense-oriented, fair play. Not permitted:
  a Dangerous play
  b Physical contact (holding onto each other or each others clothing)
  c Obstruction (using your body or arms to hold off or stop the opponent)
  d Holding on to the cage or boarding
11 In the event of a foul, the opponent gets the ball and play resumes as soon as both players are in front of their own goal.
12 When an attempted goal or completing/making a panna is prevented against the rules, the referee or official may decide to approve the goal attempt or incomplete panna anyway.
13 The referee and the official are authorised to penalise a foul, either immediately after a major foul or - after a previous warning - in the event of several minor fouls. In the event of a foul, the opponent receives a goal point.
14 In important matches, the referee is supported by a second referee to double-check the pannas, and by an official or jury. This official has the option of overruling the referee during and immediately after the match.
15 Respect for your opponent and fair play is essential at Panna Knock Out ™. A player who does not stick to this during the game can be disqualified
Different rules for 2 vs 2:
1 Two is played against Two
2 The team with the smallest touches the ball first from kick off
3 The extra time is played one against one.








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