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P.W. Waldeck, Dutch ambassador to the United Kingdom
“Dutch Panna Football is a grass roots phenomenon from the streets of Holland. It is highly successful in getting people from all different backgrounds to come together. We are very pleased to introduce this wonderful game to the British people and we hope that they too will benefit from its cross-cutting appeal.”
Alan Sefton, Arsenal in the Community
“There is a real buzz around Islington ahead of this Sunday’s Panna UK Final. The young people we have introduced to Dutch Panna have really enjoyed taking part and learning more about this unique type of street football.”



Sport with a mission

Panna connects, unites and improves, and tournaments are often used to promote social cohesion. Panna invites young people who would otherwise never meet to play football. And it works. Tension is reduced and mutual respect increases.

Players respect each other no matter what background or religion their opponents may have. The respect and the strong bond between the players, the mutual understanding and the popularity give the sport extra power. We use the Power of Panna to reach out to young people and get them involved in the community.

Panna KO gives young people a chance to develop. You start as a player, and if you are the right person for the job, you can become a referee, organiser and/or freestyler. Panna Knock Out is the very first employer of many of these youths. They come into contact with rules and elementary employment obligations such as turning up on time, listening to their boss and giving their all.

The best players are given a stage for their talents by means of the website, the National Championships and the international exhibitions. They develop into shining examples for young people, and participate in a variety of social projects.

This is how Panna KO brings youths into action and promotes participation and social cohesion in a positive scheme involving many events. It is a multicultural sport that oozes the feelgood factor. It’s exciting, it’s unique, it’s the Power of Panna!

Wide target group

Panna KO appeals to a much broader group than regular football. While normal (association) football requires discipline, team spirit and old-fashioned club loyalty, Panna focuses on the individual. You can play Panna practically anywhere, at any time. And it is easy to find an opponent. 

In major cities, Panna used to be played primarily by boys. Nowadays, the number of girls playing the game is noticeably rising. Furthermore, this expansion has not reduced the popularity among the original trend setters. By placing these trend setters in the spotlight via the website, the national championship and the international events, their commitment remains firm.

Its ability to reach a broad target group has caused Panna to be embraced by social workers and semi-professional/professional sport organisations. Many youths with educational, behavioural, or integration-related problems who are normally so difficult to reach, are flocking to these activities en masse, to the great satisfaction of all involved. Panna provides a perfect opportunity for community, youth and social workers to make follow-up contact and offer a helping hand.








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