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Disclaimer of Sportservice Nederland BV, owner and provider of Panna Knock Out™ in all countries.


The greatest possible care was and is taken during the compilation and management of this website. Despite this, it is possible that the information displayed on this site is incorrect. Sportservice Nederland BV cannot be held responsible for the consequences of using this website or for the temporary unavailability of the information on the website. Sportservice Nederland BV also accepts no responsibility for the content of websites referred to on this website or for the content of websites that refer to the websites of Sportservice Nederland BV, including pannaknockout.org. Sportservice Nederland BV retains all intellectual property rights and all other rights relating to its website and the products supplied by its website. It is therefore not permitted to copy, reproduce or edit the information and/or corporate identity for anything other than personal, non-commercial usage, without the prior written permission of Sportservice Nederland BV.


Formal post is not sent via e-mail. No rights can therefore be derived from e-mail messages or attachments. Sportservice Nederland BV accepts no liability for damage caused by or resulting from the information from these e-mails.
Our e-mails are exclusively intended for the addressee and may contain confidential information.
If an e-mail is not intended for you, we kindly yet urgently request that you return it to us immediately and to delete any information relating to it from your computer.
Publication, reproduction, distribution and/or provision of this information to third parties is not permitted without the written consent of Sportservice Nederland BV.
Sportservice Nederland BV monitors the security and integrity of its e-mail traffic on a daily basis. Despite this, Sportservice cannot guarantee that the e-mail messages will be transferred correctly, punctually, in their entirety or free of viruses. Sportservice Nederland BV cannot be held responsible if such problems occur. The only exception to this is for e-mails allocated with an authorised certificate.

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